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    Our tools give your business the confidence that your public cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant and optimized. Deployed in minutes, Tenacity has a full picture of your cloud security posture and cost management status within hours. Our cloud native platform is enterprise-grade, but designed for teams and budgets of every size.

  • Security


    You’re inundated with alerts and it costs real time and real energy to figure out what’s a real problem to solve. Tenacity finds, assesses, and surfaces the misconfigurations you should focus on immediately. Our tool provides you with contextual recommendations for controlling your public cloud costs, compliance status, and security posture so you can focus on your customers’ needs.

  • Solutions


    We've designed our platform to give you the freedom to allocate your team’s limited resources back to where they belong. Tenacity comes with all the documentation you need to ensure you are secure, compliant, and spending funds efficiently. While you invest time on your company's core offering you’ll have complete access to Tenacity's team of cloud management experts when your business needs more than just a tool.

I’ve considered CTRL to be the most important tool for a mature IT operations practice within any cloud-enabled organization. The team at North Labs has helped a huge number of customers adopt CTRL for their own use, and we continue to see a large uptick in the number of organizations looking for assistance getting things rolling for their team.
NorthlabdsCollin Graves, CEO & Founder

Who We Solve Challenges For.

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    Ready to Make the Move

    57% of cloud migrations fail. Give your business the confidence it needs to migrate to the cloud.

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    Course Correction Needed

    It went wrong somewhere. Get to the root of it, turn a herculean task into a manageable process.

  • Solutions

    Service Provider Force Multiplier

    Ground your MSP services in the Tenacity Platform for rapid, secure, and compliant scalability.

Get your services under CTRL.

Tenacity's CTRL is the tool to bring your cloud environment to the next level. From cost recommendations and forecasts to manifest visualizion, robust end-to-end compliance checks across the board, all while attaining deep cross-provider and cross-account governance. At scale.


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Receive recommendations and see how they effect your environment at every single incremental change.

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View historic cost trends at a single glance or dig down into detailed past data and estimates.


Protect your current and future public infrastructure with policy-based platform governance.

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Tenacity has run a security check on your accounts and found no security violations.

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